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Sweet Action Ice Cream

Disclaimer: We went here on a whim, and didn’t think to bring a camera, and was too caught up in the moment to break out the phones, so, sorry in advance -JK

It’s summer. This summer, in particular, has been pretty much on the annoying side of hot in Denver this year. Thankfully, it’s that ever-so-annoying-to-say (at least it’s a) dry heat.

All the more reason to go seek out some frozen cow byproduct.

My buddy Rob told me of Sweet Action back in May, when he got a hold of them for his Mental Floss article, “7 Alternative Uses for Beer”.

Of course, it was March, and most likely snowing or something here, and I had no time for such frozen dairy thingers. My friend Eric decided to text me about the beer ice cream a month or so ago, and while the weather was more appropo, we were in the midst of planning a wedding, and yet again, frozen tasties were the last thing on our collective minds.

Enter today. Hot as hell, nothing to do, lazy-ass Sunday. Perfect. Ice cream that mofo up, as we say in… well, nowhere. I don’t think anyone ever really says that. But they should start doing it. Now. Dammit.

Like any good members of the Internet generation, we went to their website first to check the flavor board and prepare oursleves mentally for the journey we were about to undergo.

While, sadly, the only beer option on the menu was a Smoked Porter S’More (never been a fan of smokey beers), I did spy two things that intrigued me quite a bit more:

Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle, and the second-only-to-vanilla staple ice cream flavor, Colorado Sweet Corn.


For those who don’t know, Stranahan’s is a locally-distilled single-barrel Colorado Whiskey, and is freaking awesome. If you have the means to obtain it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

So, we set forth on our journey. Hopes high, spirits soaring. Parking was easily procured on Broadway since it was a Sunday, and shockingly, for a 95 degree day in Denver, there was a minimal line at the shop.

I decided it would behoove me to hit a taster before going for the full-scoop commitment. I asked for a taster of the sweet corn. The dude behind the counter procured his tiny spoon, and dug it into a vat of ice cream that looked like it had only been touched by taster spoons, and never a scoop. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, so to speak. But whatever the corn equivalent of that is.

As I took a whiff, it smelled… Well, like corn. And it had pieces of corn in it. Hrm.

The taste and mouth feel was completely bizarre. Like some sort of really cold bite of creamed corn. But sweeter. And ice cream. Just. Weird.

I stuck with what I knew, and ordered a double-scoop cone of the Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle, which was AMAZING. Like a really sweetened version of Stranahan’s Whiskey, with an instantly recognizable flavor, minus the pepper-y-ness that’s present in the liquid version. Oh, and with toffee chunks.

Anyway, awesome place, awesome people, awesome ice cream. It was like being a kid again. But with more whiskey.

Must Try: Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip

Avoid: Colorado Sweet Corn. Unless you REALLY like creamed corn, and wish you could have it in a much colder form than normal.

JK Score: 10/10 Definitely one of those ‘something for everyone’ places. Even if you’re lactose intolerant, or otherwise don’t dig on animal juice, they always have a few vegan options as well. And giant-ass cookies that looked amazing.

Sweet Action Ice Cream
52 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203


  1. found your blog via sweet action’s FB posting. the smoked porter smores was DELIGHTFUL, if not overly boozy. did you try it??

    the updating the flavors in real time via facebook/ their website is dangerous. i kid you not, i was there four times in one week.

  2. JK says:

    I didn’t even try the Porter S’mores, my disdain for smoke flavoring (outside of BBQ) is just that strong, me and smoke flavoring is like 5 year olds and brussel sprouts. It’s serious. Luckily/unluckily, we live near Parker so Broadway is a bit of a haul for ice cream, but I’m sure I’ll be subconsciously checking the flavor board compulsively and making more trips to that area.

  3. kandyce says:

    i went there 4 times in one week. no joke. the following them via facebook thing is dangerous for me. 🙂

    and it didn’t taste overly smokey. just a little like darker booze, and the marshmellow cream mixed in balanced it out. promise.