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Wasabi Gumballs

Hunger Strike – Day 307:

The first 305 days really weren’t too shabby. Lot of time to play chess, read books, hallucinate, and pass out form lack of nutrition. Day 306, I started looking at bookshelves funny. Not because they were starting to look like food, just because I thought it said something to me. About holding books. When the bookcases become self-aware, look out Jujubear.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Luckily, one of my loyal readers and old friends from high school sent me a bunch of random most-likely-nasty stuff entirely too long ago (Hey Stacy!). So I decided to eat it.

Oh hey, look. Stuff!

They're so angry!

What could possibly go wrong?

And green!

Looking at the thingers… They’re greener than a green… something. Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve done this, I’m kinda rusty. They’re green.

They don’t smell like anything, which is either really really good, or really really not good.

Texture: Well, it definitely exploded in my mouth. With dryness. Very weird. And then it turned into an incredibly hard piece of gum within about 4.6 seconds.

Taste: Horrible. Not wasabi at all. I have absolutely no idea what it was, but it sucked. Not like “holy crap I have to spit this out before I catch mouth-death”, but more “wow, this just sucks”. Very weird.

Did I mention it was weird?

I really got to polish up this whole “writing” thing.

Oh, hi! I’m back.


  1. ImAGuy says:

    do a video

  2. JK says:

    lol… I was watching TV when I did this one. I’ll do a video next time, I promise. Just for you. Because you’re special. And I sort of like you. But not in an inappropriate manner, just in the way a man likes football. And unicorns.