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Site news.

Blantant shameless plugs

2 new crap sites for your perusal: is a collection of oddball stuff found at is… well, what the site name implies.


Just a heads-up, (and every site I have otherwise) will be moving to a new host next week. So since I’m pretty unprepared for the move (i.e. don’t have a new host lined up yet and an expiring account), don’t be shocked if you’re unable to access all that is my awesomeness next week, and for a bit after while I get everything migrated and upgraded and situmanated. It’s a word.

Vote or Die

Or… You know, whatever.

Voting works now. Let the world know which posts you think are awesome, via clicking by the counter at the top of each post.



Migrated everything over to WordPress over the weekend. Still playing with themes/photos and trying to get everything completely situated, so “pardon the dust” while I get things a little more settled and awesome.

Also, I’m sure some links and stuff are broken, which I’ll go back and fix, but otherwise, let me know if anything is hosed up.